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Figure8 Girls started in July 2018 with a goal to give the best experience possible to the fans of various independent models. After researching other platforms, we have concluded that no other membership based website benefits both the models and the fans as much as we do. Always changing and striving to bring you the best content. Figure8 Girls is designed with simplicity, elegance, and a truly intimate view of independent models you simply cant get anywhere else. Our intention is to follow new talent through their modeling career creating content they feel proud of and that their fans can enjoy along the way.


  • Exciting Themes

  • Tantalizing Videos

  • Several Sets Each Month (36 to 48 per year)


  • All standard access included

  • Spontaneous uploads of intimate mirror selfies

  • 4K content (integrating soon)


Our ‘Standard Premium’ membership level is focused primarily on HD video. If you’re on a budget and would like exclusive access to content created with your desired model then this is the level for you. This membership includes between 36 and 48 exclusive video uploads per year, along with high quality photos for each set.
At a higher price point, “Pose” is our second membership level. Including all content from our first level, models add a personal touch to their content with intimate mirror selfies. These selfies have no consistency, and will be uploaded spontaneously from locations all around the globe. These locations have been set up by Themyscira Studios to aid models in creating a quality photo unlike anything you’ve ever seen with a membership.


In each and every mind exists an ideal. An absolute. The very best version of our personal fantasy. Figure8 Girls aims to target those visual dynamics in every premium membership by combining various genres including: lingerie, high fashion, implied nude, and cosplay. We work hard to represent a unique architecture with simplicity and beauty at every angle and hope you enjoy the diverse content provided.

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